We empower Rural Girls and Women

Life Lifters Kenya economically empowers rural girls by ensuring that they have access to quality education, mentorship and business training that positively impacts their life outcomes

We incubate, mentor, and invest resources in high-achieving teenage girls from rural communities and build them to be influential women in their communities and beyond. We are a team of mentors, girl sponsors, change agents and gender equality enthusiasts who are intentional about delivering prompt and effective responses to challenges that rural girls face.

Our success so far

Since inception, Life Lifters has been instrumental in building the capacity of rural girls through mentorship. We started in 2015 as a girls’ group that met to discuss the vices that affected us in the community and have since grown to be a strong supporter of girls’ education and human rights
Rural Girls
Total investments made in Girls education and empowerment

Become a Girl Sponsor

Girls sponsor commit to investing their resources in rural girls. Commit to donating $700-900 to Life Lifters every year and sustainably support a girl through school. In so doing, you will begin an altruistic journey of creating meaningful change in the society.
I founded Life Lifters Kenya in 2014 right after I graduated from high school. At the time I was just a 19 year old girl who sought to create a better world for girls in my community. As a girl and now a young woman, I have always wanted to build an ecosystem that encourage rural women and girls to succeed. These women face the harshest of challenges but still dream. I believe deeply that if we make strategic investments in liberating and empowering rural women and girls, our world will become a more safe and productive place. I envision a world where rural women and girls, especially those resident in Africa, have access to resources that can help them unleash their potential. I believe education and entrepreneurship are two powerful tools for women liberation and that is why at Life Lifters we invest in Girls education and business training. If rural girls and women unleash their mental capacity and are able to create wealth, then the sky is no longer the limit.